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Kaitlyn Dal Bon was trained at NJ School of Ballet in the Intensive Program and was also a member of the Junior Company.

Before joining NJ Ballet Company as an apprentice, Ms. Dal Bon has been showcasing her strong performance abilities.

Last year Ms. Dal Bon won a Silver Medal at the Youth America Grand Prix, and also won First Place at the National Society of Arts & Letters state competition and went on to become a national finalist.

Entering her first season with NJ Ballet Company, Ms. Dal Bon shares a little about herself and  her  journey from student to professional dancer.

When did you start studying at NJ School of Ballet? "I started studying at NJ School of Ballet in the Intensive Program when I was fourteen years old."


When did you join the Junior Company? "I joined the Junior Company when I was fifteen, and was a member for 3 years.


What excites you the most about joining NJ Ballet Company as an apprentice this season? "I am most excited about all the performance opportunities.  I love performing onstage and now that I am an apprentice, I have the opportunity to share the stage with a group of amazing dancers and perform a lot more than I did as a student."


Which professional dancers inspire you as an artist? "There are so many dancers who motivate me to improve and grow as an artist, a couple of those dancers being Bria Kochetkova, because even though she is petite, like me, her artistry, precise technique, and elongated movements make her seem tall onstage, and Marianel Nunex, for her beautiful expressions and controlled movements."


How has the experience been transitioning from student to professional? "I love to dance more than anything, however the transition from student to professional has been a difficult one because the academic atmosphere differs greatly from the professional on.  One challenge I am working on is discovering my style and artistry as a dancer.  As a student you are taught to execute movements with precision.  Now that I am a professional, I have to continue refining my technique while also discovering who I am as an artist.