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Tuition: One class per week for 4 weeks (July 29 - August 23) plus a $20 registration fee (if applicable).


One class per week: $120.00

Two classes per week: $220.00

Three classes per week: $320.00

Four classes per week: $420.00

Registration Fee (if applicable): 

$20 Fee valid Summer Session.

Note: If you paid a registration fee for Session 1 or Session 2 (2023/2024) no registration fee is due.

Pointe Class Policy: 

All students are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week with NJBS (a combination of in-
person and virtual is acceptable) to take pointe.
Studying ballet with another dance studio will not meet the 2-ballet class requirement.
Students with less than one year of pointe experience must take their pointe class in-person. 
If a beginner on pointe adds the 1/2 hour of pointe to their virtual class, it must be taken in ballet slippers.

Example for 4 week Summer Session:

Registration fee $20
Two Ballet Classes + Two Pointe Classes  $ 280.00
$ 300.00

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