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In Memory of

Gabrielle Noa-Abbate


A beloved instructor for countless students.

The Gabrielle Noa-Abbate Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship’s purpose is to support emerging dancers at New Jersey Ballet who demonstrate dedication, passion and potential, as well as a need for financial assistance.

Funds are limited. Additional financial aid scholarship factors include: student and family community comportment, conduct, preparedness, excessive lateness and/ or absences and overall performance within the School.

Eligibility & Requirements


  •           Current registered student in the Intensive Program

  • Complete application form and provide all required supplemental material

  • Complete the entire year of the program

  • Display excellent comportment at all times, serving as an exemplary student of the School

  • Attend regular check-in meetings with Directors throughout the school year, to monitor student progress, address individual student needs and offer one-on-one mentor support.


To Apply:


Request an application form by emailing Toni Auriemma:

About the Fund

The Gabrielle Noa-Abbate Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Gabrielle Noa-Abbate, who graced the stage as a principal dancer for New Jersey Ballet Company where she later became a repertory coach. She also inspired countless students at NJ School of Ballet as a beloved instructor.


Mrs. Noa-Abbate was a role model to her students and the professional dancers she coached and danced beside. She was dedicated to the art form and always strived for excellence and expected the same from those around her. The scholarship fund will distribute awards to those who meet the Scholarship Fund’s criteria.

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